Behind Closed Bars

2015, Installation

3 audio sounds, audio players, 3 headphones, one pair of speakers, table, chair

The "Behind closed bars" is an installation in scale 1: 1, with sound, simulating a T type cell, deriving from descriptions of prisoners held there. In this installation, out of the headphones sound the voices of two political prisoners who were tortured by their jailers and the political system for their beliefs. Furthermore, is repeatedly being heard a political person of the dictatorship (Pattakos).

The testimonies are related to the prisoning during the years of WWII in Greece. In this way, the timelessness and the repetitiousness of these statements are being declared.

"Behind closed bars" is a reference to the memories of the recent wars in the country, but also to my grandmother’s personal story, who experienced imprisonment and torture.


  • Fine Arts and New Media, Middlesex University, AKTO Gallery, Athens

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